Methodology for Gap Analysis and Compliance Management

We would like to share our methodology for Gap Analysis and Compliance Management.

This methodology has been developed based on practical experience and research to make the gap analysis process uniform and applicable for a wide range of industries and organisations of any scale across the globe.

Currently, most of companies and individual specialists worldwide are facing a number of common challenges when it comes to performing gap analysis for part or whole of the organisation and doing this in a systematic order. These challenges normally are:
 There is no simple and uniform procedure which could be implemented by any practitioner or organisation and it usually ends up with “re-inventing the wheel”
 No common and standard template which would be convenient for any application
 Challenges in tracking gaps and their impact on business
 No common KPIs for management of the GA process
 No common planning and monitoring process
 Lot of non-productive administrative work before and after gap analysis and gap assessment
Where it comes to a big scale gap analysis (e.g. auditing design of a cargo ship, or offshore oil&gas installation) this process requires a very well managed collaboration, planning and performance management in order to complete it with good quality and ensure that the results are not lost among the bureaucratic chains of verification and approvals.
Individual specialists are facing similar challenges as it usually comes to looking for a right way of gap analysis which would be acceptable by officials, independent auditors or certification organisations.

Download the full document in PDF – ga-process-methodology-281116

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