GA Lab for quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)

Quality management is one of the key processes which have to be adopted by any business. It not only is the driver to a better stability of a business but also the means which normally leads to increase of profits and minimization of losses. There are hundreds of techniques, guides and procedures of quality auditing used by industries today and, according to our research, the vast majority of businesses are re-inventing the wheel when they come to the QA/QC process, because sometimes it is easier to re-invent rather than adopt an existing technique.

In the core of the quality management audits lies Gap Analysis exercise and this is where we found the biggest challenge for companies, because there is always a place for missing an important quality requirement and be surprised one day seeing an unhappy client. Although gap analysis process is simple, there is (well, actually there was) no common way of running it to satisfy a wide range of applications of quality management audits.

GA Lab has been designed to support quality assurance and quality control process and bring the gap analysis, gap assessment, risk assessment, actions tracking and deviations management all in one solid platform. This system is your virtual manager for quality audits,  which helps in following the right steps and tracking of all findings and issues. The biggest benefit of using GA Lab for QA/QC activities is reduction of time and effort almost by half.