Gap analysis template – general topic

In most cases when people are planning for gap analysis exercise it comes to finding or creating a correct template. For example when they need to conduct gap analysis (audit) of a certain business against the quality management standard (e.g. ISO 9001) whey would either look up on the web to find a suitable template, or simply copy-paste the text of the standard into a spreadsheet application (like Excel) to create it in the way they want.

Gap analysis templates help to conduct gap analysis process and record any gaps and issues into the table which can then be formed into reports. It is in most cases the cheapest option when it comes to one-off gap analysis audit, but it can turn into a nightmare when your library of applicable standards is more than one or two, and even more complicated when gap analysis is a regular process within your organisation. Companies would normally employ a third party contractor to manage and perform this work. This is costly and in general not much effective, because of the number of factors one of which is lack of contractors knowledge about their clients internal life, assets, processes and products. The best is when gap analysis is performed by the core staff as these people usually possess bigger knowledge about their company’s assets than external contractors.

Thus the dilemma is to choose between experienced contractors (professional auditors) with sophisticated gap analysis and auditing weaponry and the core personnel with better knowledge of the business. Again, there is a simple answer – using them both. Companies around the globe are normally following this scenario and, as a result, are spending much more money and effort for the same output.

Contractor auditors in turn are facing similar problem, multiplied by the number of their clients. Managing gap analysis audits for clients involves a lot of effort to keep track of all gap analysis exercises for each client on each of their asset against a pile of standards containing thousands of directives and requirements.

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