Methodology for Gap Analysis and Compliance Management

Modern industries become increasingly reliant on compliance with various regulations, codes, standards and practices in order to maintain their license to operate in the current global market. It is very important to ensure that the assets, processes, products and services are properly designed, developed and maintained and comply with the relevant normative requirements. Compliance with codes, standards and regulations is not only the driver to better quality but, the most importantly, it is the key to safe and environmentally friendly operations. Therefore the organisations and even individual specialists on a regular basis have to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements in a form of internal self-verification processes and/or external audits.

One of the common ways leading to achieve compliance is Gap Analysis Process. Analyzing the gaps between the required and actual state of things helps to clearly see the weak points of a business and plan for improvement.

Our methodology has been developed based on practical experience and research to make the gap analysis process uniform and applicable for a wide range of industries and organisations of any scale across the globe.

The methodology coupled with GA Lab system can be applied in most of modern business areas where it is critical to adhere to regulatory requirements. Industries (or business areas) listed below are just a representative example of where it can be used and save considerable amount of time, effort and money:

You can download the methodology here